Is There a Guaranteed Mobile Phone Contract?

Is there actually such a thing as a guaranteed mobile phone contract? I'm sorry to have to disappoint you, as you must have heard some nice things about this around, but there really isn't. When you apply for a mobile phone contract with the provider, you will need to go through a credit check in order to qualify for it.
Three factors are considered here:

  1. Your credit rating
  2. Cost of the handset
  3. Monthly repayments

If you have bad credit rating, you might often find yourself rejected for a mobile phone contract. This is because the network provider or phone retailer may find you to be too big of a financial risk for them.
However, if you want to get that phone contract, you can always rely on these tips, even if your credit rating is not very clean:

  1. Go for a low-end handset and/or a low-end payment plan. Like with any loan situation, the less you want to loan, the bigger the chance that you will get accepted for a mobile phone contract this way. Of course, you can later upgrade your deal by getting a better handset.
  2. Provide the same address as the one you are registered under as a voter. Being a voter increases your credit rating significantly, and therefore your chances of getting a phone contract, as you offer more security to the phone provider.
  3. Make sure that you've entered the correct information in your application. Even something like a small misspelling can be a big problem in getting a phone contract. If the information in your application doesn't match the one in your credit report, it can be flagged as fraudulent.

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