How Mobile Phone Contracts Reward You

The competition among UK mobile phone providers is very stiff, especially in the last few years. Every company, if they want to stay in business, are looking to outbid and outperform the others look for consumers to offer them a better deal.
This is all good news for the customer, of course, as with this, the providers and networks can offer more minutes, text messages and Internet data, for the lower price. Of course, the problem is that there isn't much difference when it comes to the packages they can offer, so mobile phone contract providers have to go a step further and provide compelling rewards for their customers.
Of course, what kind of reward the provider will offer is mostly based on whether you have a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) contract with them, a monthly-pay contract. If you are looking for rewards, you will probably find that a pay monthly contract offers more options and more quality rewards, but it might be more expensive and can tie you up for a couple of months with the same phone provider.

Rewards For Monthly Paying Customers

Rewards that you can get as a monthly customer may, for instance, include a lower price for the next mobile phone bought from the same provider. The idea here is that they want you to stay their customer for a longer term.
Other rewards for monthly paying customers may include things such as vouchers for sporting events, concerts and other activities and saving up points to get an even bigger reward in the future.

Rewards For Pay As You Go Customers

For a pay-as-you-go or PAYG customer, the reward is more or less proportional to the amount of cash he or she puts in the contract. As a result, if you put £200 per month, this will earn you more points than if you only put, for instance, £20 per month.
Furthermore, PAYG contracts also include rewards that offer a return to both you as the customer, as well as the company that gave it to you. These can be something like offering a 10% back on your top-ups.
Okay, so how can you find the deal that best suits you? First of all, make sure that you speak to more than one phone provider. Inquire at their customer services what rewards they offer and keep in mind that, if you are looking to change the phone you have at the moment, companies can offer you a cut in cost for the new phone if you stay with them.

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